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  • 56,40 €

    L 110 cm X H 82 cm Add style to your home with this vintage fish wall sticker, amazing straight out of a product pakaging! The ultra-modern and colorful fish wall decor will bring character to your room. Like all our giant stickers, the Fish sticker is repositionable, printed on woven paper that does not damage the walls.

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  • 51,60 €

    L 90 cm X H 76.5 cm Are you addicted to Facebook? Make it known by sticking the Like sticker in your living room or in your office. Ultramodern and unconventional, this sticker will make your decoration stylish and unique. A great idea to dress the walls of your office, like the wall sticker Good idea, is printed on self-adhesive woven paper.

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  • 62,40 €

    H 122 cm X W 77.5 cm Decorate your room with this Boules Artistiques wall sticker. More than a deco sticker is a true work of art that will make your decoration astonishing and contemporary. Choose excellence with Kerstee stickers, printed on self-adhesive woven paper that is easy to apply and repositionable, without damaging the walls.

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  • 58,80 €

    79 cm X 124 cm Colors, freshness and style make this huge Pineapple wall decal the perfect way to enhance your home decor. Perfect for the kitchen or dining room. This wall sticker is very easy to intall, in less than 10 minutes.

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  • 57,60 €

    70 cm X 105 cm Want to bring color and style to your home? Choose this beautiful wall decal Multicolored Skull, perfect to decorate a room, the living room or even an office. Very easy to install, the wall sticker self-adhesive canvas is ideal for a trendy decor.

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  • 69,60 €

    110 cm X 105 cm This very cool wall decal made with a photo by Adam Birkett on a geometric shape will add to your home decor a trendy touch and make the winter shorter.

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  • 82,80 €

    100 cm X 145 cm Give a trendy touch to your home decor with this Statue of Liberty Wall decal, cut in the famous quote of Frank Sinatra. Very clean and design, this wall sticker takes you less than 10 min to install thanks to transfert tape.

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  • 80,40 €

    This awesome Lady legs Wall decal is a photo cut with a geometric shape will bring to your home decor some style and a touch of glamour that's make fell more comfortable. Very easy to install, less than 10 min thanks to transfert tape!

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  • 81,60 €

    110 cm X 129 cm Give an edgy look to your walls with this coloured wall decal. The geometrical shape brings a design style, perfect to decorate any rooms of your appartment. Installation takes you less than 10 minutes thanks to the transfert tape.

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  • 66,00 €

    140 cm X 76 cm Travel with your wall thanks to this huge Paris Eiffel Tower Wall decal, coloured and very chic and add a original touch with this Latin phrase meaning "(She) is tossed by the waves but doesn’t sink". The motto has been used since at least 1358 by the city of Paris. Very easy to install thanks to transfert tape, less than 10 min.

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  • 72,00 €

    H110 cm X W120 cm For a cool and trendy wall decor, this large wall sticker will bring color to your home with this photo of a neon from the city of Portland, cut from a modern geometric shape. Printed on a self-adhesive woven paper, this wall sticker is very easy to install thanks to the transfer paper, and does not damage your walls.

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  • 64,80 €

    H 168 cm X W 65 cm Neon lights have never been so fashionable in wall decoration, but they are often expensive and rather energivorous. With this neon Diner Wall Sticker, ultra realistic, you bring to the walls of your kitchen or living room all the beauty of a real neon, but much cheaper. Easy to install thanks to the transfer paper, this kitchen...

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